Tattoo Courses

Tattoos have been etched into the skin of Indian history from a time before we could imagine. Across the tribes and different caste communities of India, tattoos have served myriad purposes – some people have had ink permanently mark their skin for beautification, while for others tattoos have acted as a representation of the different stages of womanhood, a mark of great warriors, some as protective totems in the afterlife and it’s even believed to cure certain physical ailments.

We believe and completely enjoy the art of tattooing and especially the freedom of expression that it brings. I feel that life is too precious to be wasting in a career that does not bring me personal satisfaction nor lets me be who I want to be .

I have been tattooing just shy of 10 years and though I’m a versatile tattoo artist, I have showcased my talent for tattooing realism in black and grey, sometimes with a hint of colour at numerous tattoo conventions and guest spots from Nepal all the way down to the bottom of India.